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Hvorfor have en blog i en webshop?

In short, because it can provide good user satisfaction and increased search in the webshop.

Try to see some of the benefits:

Having a blog on a webshop can be a pretty good idea!
Both because you can create relevant content that relates to your company and your products, and if you do it so well that Google likes your content, then you will also be easier to find on the search engine.

It can be difficult to get good rankings in the search engines on your products alone, because you probably have quite a few competitors selling the same items as you do.

In addition, it can also help you in your relationship with your customers. Because with blog posts, you can go in depth with the use of products, understanding of your company, and explanations and guides and much more.

When you choose a shop system from Shoptech, the blogging functionality comes with it, and here you have the advantage that you can place relevant products directly in your blog.
It makes sense if your post is about some items, product groups or accessories for some items, because you can make a promotional post where the products are posted.

For example, we have put 3 sofas in this blog post which is shown at the bottom, so you can buy the products directly from the blog. :)

So having a blog on a webshop is definitely something that you should consider if you do not already have one.

Use relevant images in your blog post.

fashion photo

It is always a good idea to try to avoid a post becoming a boring wall full of text.
Therefore, feel free to use both images and illustrations to break up your content, and to make it more exciting.
When you need images, make sure that these images are optimized so that they do not take up more space than necessary. This way, you avoid the reader having to spend an unnecessarily long time loading an image if it is too large and heavy.
Also, make sure that you use an image that has the same dimensions as the display the image should have.
Because if you take a huge picture and scale it down in your blog post, then it will also be disproportionately heavy in relation to the intention.And if you take a picture that is too small, and instead scales it up, it will be ugly and blurry.
Therefore: Prepare your photos before making a blog post. Think about what you want to display and then make sure you have your images ready in the right size and resolution.

Video in your blog post? No problem

You just find the video service that you want to embed the video from, and then you insert the video in your post via the code you get from eg YouTube,

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